Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shades of Brown

I bought this cereal because it was $2. AND IT WAS THE LAST BOX. It is the generic version of a breakfast cereal marketed by a company whose candy I no longer eat due to ethical obligations that I judge people (read: you) for not upholding. More on the cereal in a paragraph or two.

I took this photo with my cell phone. I take all my photos with my cell phone these days. (A brief aside: I'm told that my generation prefers the sound of mp3s to that of higher-fidelity formats. Since the non-mp3s I encounter these days are such high-fidelity formats as cassettes, radio static and what I can remember of The Dope Show, this is an argument I'm unprepared to tackle. However, I buy the premise. I prefer cell phone photographs to the ones I see lazing about on museum walls and fading in and out on graphic design websites. There's just something about the format, MANNNNNNN. The low quality primitive. And raw, or whatever. IT SPEAKS TO ME.) So if you have complaints about the photos or whatever, I'd love to hear them. Tell me about the rule of thirds.

Anyway, this cereal fucking sucks. It is, to my immediate and ongoing dismay, inferior to the original. Not even worth writing about.

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